Offering the Support that Students Need




An Educator for more than 10 years in Higher Education, Dominique Bukasa decided to create a program to make sure that talented Students don't fall through the cracks of the overcrowded and overworked Educational System. During his time as a Junior College Professor he noticed that some of his brightest Students had very low aspirations. That's when he started looking into finding solutions to identify and inspire promising students earlier in their Academic journeys to set them on a higher Academic and Career trajectory.

As the CEO of Bridgeline Academy, Dominique Bukasa will focus on designing Tutoring and Academic Programs that can scale. 

He earned his Master's Degree from Fresno Pacific University in 2008.  



Senior Advisor

A lifelong Educator, Rich Ressa has over 25years of experience working with at risk students from the inner cities. He has created and developed curriculums and educational programs to help them transition from High School to Junior Colleges, Universities, and Work Training Programs.



STEM Academic Director

Dr. Shannamar Dewey is a College Professor who who teaches Anatomy and Life Science classes. She also has led workshops and lectures on how Students can prepare and succeed in the STEM fields. During her graduates studies a t UC Davis she won the prestigious Thermo Scientific Pierce Scholarship Program Award for her outstanding work. 
As Bridgeline Academy STEM Adviser Dr. Dewey will help our Board make decisions on curriculum and career pathways onboarding. We are thrilled to have someone with as much passion for Students and STEM as Dr. Dewey.

Manuel Megos.jpg


Senior High School Director

Manuel Mego is a High Scool Calculus teacher with a background in engineering. He made the switch more than 14 years ago because he wanted to make an impact how our youth gets educated. Since then he has built a strong reputation for helping at-risk Students reach impressive Academic heights and and achievements.
As our High School Program Director, Manuel Mego will design a Program that will give Students practical, relevant, and applicable skills to excel in Math. He will also advise our Board on the hiring and recruiting process for the Tutors who will help our Students.