The Enov8 Tech Cup is a Co-Ed

16 Teams Corporate Soccer Tournament with 4 Games Guaranteed:


- Each team will Play a Round Robin in a Pool of 4 Teams

- The Playoff Seeding will be determined by the order of finish in the Round Robin Pool Play

- Teams with the same Ranking in the Standings will then face each other in a Mini Tournament

Each Team will have 12 Complete Nike or Adidas Kits (Jersey, Shorts, and Socks) 
The Jerseys will be single colored with the Company's logo in the front or in the back 

Bladium Sports Club Alameda

Each member of the winning teams participating in the local event will be eligible for the following prizes:


Team Prizes*


Tickets to a Giants Game and Tickets to a SJ Earthquake Game + #1 Team T-Shirts + more SWAG



The REAL BIG Trophy + Tickets to a SJ Earthquake Game + Champions T-Shirts + more SWAG



The BIG Trophy + Tickets to a SJ Earthquake Game + T-Shirts + more SWAG



 Trophy + T-Shirts + more SWAG


*Prizes are subject to change at the discretion of the Event Organizers, Sponsors, and Donors

Tournament Location Info:

Phone: (510) 814-4999  

Address: 800 West Tower Ave, Bldg 40, Alameda, CA 94501